Поддержка Using any product is supposed to be reasonable, this concerns the “Geostron” system, too. Unreasonable expenses and non-defined prospects in general will definitely lead to disappointment in the end. Complex evaluation of the “Geostron” system and its advantages will help you to be sure that you make the right choice. Besides you will be able to decide that the “Geostron”system fits your demands.


The “Geostron” system will help cut the costs on fuel, repairs, temporary expenses efficiently. Let us consider and example of a cargo delivery company (any kind of cargo). Beside the scheduled trips a vehicle quite often makes unregistered trips often with unregistered cargo. It is unlikely to be tracked without special equipment obviously. Also, drivers might steal the fuel or use the vehicle on personal purposes.

As the statistic shows after the installation of the “Geostron” system fuel expenses cut on 30% and up to 50%, unplanned trips do not happen any more. As a result you economize on fuel, increase the operational time of the transport (even if it makes 30% of economizing you have a choice to decide whether to reduce the fleet or increase the volume of the service), cut repair expenses as the vehicles will be used only for corporative needs.

Also you will be able to control your employees’ moves except the time when they are not at work.

Filds of application: