“Geostron” — Satellite monitoring system of mobile objects

Geostron is a modern and powerful complex of applications allowing state and private companies allowing to control moving objects such as vehicle fleets, railway carriages and containers, fleet and personnel.

The system’s applications operate via satellite communication thus making it possible to control objects in furthest parts of the world.

System service includes an application installed on the PC, providing reliable tool both for objects monitoring and for controlling component and assemblies of the vehicles.

Full-featured WEB-client and mobile applications make a quality difference to the system and provide a full kit of control tools.

In Geostron system all objects are displayed in real time.

Besides the range of standard maps, Geostron supports user maps and 3D maps, which allows to show tracks in three dimensions when controlling flying objects.

Geostron applications operate with various kinds of equipment, which is a distinctive feature for an open system and help solve any complicated task.

Operating with large vehicle fleets and monitoring thousands of objects is fulfilled via subsystem of event control, which automatically monitors different parameters and alarm events.

Geostron system allows to create any number of routes and geo-fences and to control the rules applied to those.

The implementations of CAN BUS protocol helps control various parameters from all components and assemblies of the vehicle, which enhances the capacities of the vehicle and optimizes fuel consumption.

Driver identification and driving control subsystems reduce the risk of accidents on the roads and discipline the staff of transport companies.

All controlled parameters are displayed in the form of graphs that are integrated into maps.

This allows to define the places of refilling, speeding, etc.

System Features

Simplicity and convenience: all apps and elements of the system have understandable structure   Maps: universal mapping, custom 3D maps, multiple maps simultaneous use, synchronization between them
Integrativity: interaction with ERP systems, using equipment of various manufacturers, creating own sensors and calibration within the applications   Flexible reports system: personal and group reports, parking addresses, calculated and fact parameters
Global coverage: integration into space communication systems like Iridium, InmarSat, alarm events form remote areas   Call center: possibility to get in touch with the driver from system applications via SIP telephoning, creating conferences

Technical characteristics

Routes Specified generator
Creating a route with the help of geographic coordinates
With the help of two points on the map
Names of locations
Use of existing tracks
Correction via Drag in Drop method
Variable value of deviation marker
Route legend generator
Geo-fences Specialized generator
3 types of geo-fences
A number of settable conditions for control
Alarm and delayed vents system
Sound indication
Parameters and events control system Telemetry panel to control sensor values
Digital display of values and active graphs
System of incoming parameters limitations
Automatic system of notifications from controlled values events
Three windows mode: graph, map, tabled data
Event reports generator
Superposition of graphs of several parameters for detailed observation of events
Cartography 3D maps with active tracks
Simultaneous use of two types of maps for convenient monitoring with synchronization function
User maps with a plug-in for superposition of specialized maps with coordinates reference
Construction of 3D tracks for flying objects Efficiency
Increasing efficiency of use of vehicles and logistic
Efficiency Increasing efficiency of use of vehicles and logistic operations
Reducing losses connected with fuel theft, unplanned trips, misuse, outages
Reducing cost of maintenance, increasing the time of service of vehicles
Increasing safety of vehicles, drivers and cargo
Statistics, reports and effective planning for managing staff of all levels
Dealers welcome

Dealers welcome

Geostron system is an innovational product in the IT-sphere. Modern system of satellite navigation serves to control transfer of different objects. People, animals, transport, valuable cargos allow making the sphere of application unlimited. With the help of the Geostron system you will obtain various opportunities of developing and marketing of your business.