Taxi Stations Monitoring


High quality service remains the most important issue for taxi services. It takes minutes to say whether a constant client stays satisfied or quits using this particular taxi service. With the help of the “Geostron” system operators will be able to see all fleet’s vehicles on the route, their location in real time, define the necessity whether to interfere with the process or not. Besides the system helps avoid uncontrolled trips as the working unit that is supposed to stay in touch with operators at the moment changes its basing location and is not available. In this case company’s image suffers.

Bus Fleets Monitoring

АвтопаркиBus fleets, especially long-distance services, are subject to enormous daily expenses. Besides it is not a secret that drives on the line give a lift to hitch-hikers, take money for the trip and hide their income. If the rout takes a whole light day then such bus makes about 30 trips a month. So the company loses money, and the losses can appear to be irrecoverable.
After installing the “Geostron” system your controlling operators will be able to track the whole route of the bus, observing the route time-table, stops, analyze the data received and check ticket records made by the drivers.