Water Transport

Water transport monitoring

Water transport occupies an important place in the economics of any country. It meets nearly all the aspects of social requirements claimed on modern transport, e.g. transport and ecological safety and reliability. Although water transport has such advantages over other means of transport as low cost of transportation, natural ways, ecological friendliness, water transport loses competition to auto and railway transport mostly because of lack of flexibility, low speed and dependence on navigation season.

Nevertheless water transport is widely used for transportation of cargos not requiring fast delivery. Fuel, service materials and repair are the main aspects of exploitation expenses spent on cargo and passenger transportation.

water transport monitoringStatistic data shows that stealing of fuel by personnel on board makes about 15-20% of the general amount. Taking into consideration the scale of fuel expenses “unplanned” losses might appear to be extremely high. It is also a common thing to make unplanned stops during the voyage which prolongs the time the ship spends on the trip. During such stops there may appear cases of pilferage.

The “Geostron” system allow organizing remote control of the ships. You will be able to see the rout of the voyage, all stops, control fuel charges and general state of the ship in real time. Using the monitoring system will sufficiently reduce exploitation costs, increase safety of transportation and allow you to concentrate on the development of your company.