What for?

To be sure the people you care for are alright. Put this small box in your child’s pocket and you will be able to know where he or she is any moment. Also you will be able to call him or her right on the tracker as it works as a mobile phone, too.

For whom?

system functioning scheme

How does it work?

The tracker takes the signals from GPS satellites and defines the coordinates. This data is saved in the energy-independent memory of the tracker. The tracker transfers the data onto the server with the help of GPRS technology. The software, downloaded on your computer, links up to the server and gets information through the internet. Just the coordinates of the objects are transferred to the server which reduces the expenses on traffic and allows working even if the connection is slow.

тревожный вызов

What else?

The tracker is provided with “emergency button” pressing which you will be able to send an emergency text message quickly and unnoticeable.


  • Full history of moving is kept on the server and available from any computer. You can install the programme on different computers (at home and in the office, for instance) and get access to the entire information at any moment.
  • Maps for the whole planet are available. You can use both vector, and raster maps.
  • We guarantee confidentiality of the data arriving at the server. It is necessary to enter IMEI – the unique 15-digits’ code of your mobile device, log-in and password to access the server’s data.

You bet!

Test the system in process before the purchase! You can download the programme right away and follow the moves of a real object.